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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


1. What is this?
The Blue Dragon Theatre hosts an open house movie night experience.

2. Who can come?
If you can see the invite on FB, you are welcome to join us!

3. On the invite, I am not tagged...does that mean I can't come?
Not at all! FB is famous for not always showing everyone every post so we always tag our regular guests to make sure they see the invite. If you would like to be tagged for future notifications just let us know.

4. What do you show?
We showcase an eclectic mix of films! The Blue Dragon prides itself on sharing amazing films with our audiences. We also open every showing with a half hour pre-show of interesting short pieces.

5. Can I bring anything?
We will always provide popcorn or some kind of movie snack. If you would like to bring anything, a tasty beverage to share is always welcome.

6. Why is this question here?
There is no rule six.

7. What kind of setup is your theatre?
65 inch plasma screen
75 watt 5.1 Dolby surround sound (with additional output to kitchen and bathroom so you can always be enjoying the film)
Stadium seating
Super comfy couch seating for 8
1 Captains Chair
1 Reclining lounge chair (aka TheClarence™)
Giant stack of floor cushions to be comfy on
Air Conditioned

8. Hey, why don't you show this movie?
We are always welcome to have a guest curator. Got a film you want to watch with all of us? Contact me and we will make it happen!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In honor of....

Next week a new comic series will be released picking up right at the end of Big Trouble in Little China and following more adventures of the great Jack Burton (who?)

I look forward to the book. However, today instead of this story or even a direct sequel to the film (that we should have had years ago) I would like to see this:

 'My Dinner With Egg'
(a remake of My Dinner with Andre)

 Set it in Wang's restaurant (Dragon of the Black Pool) and have Jack and Egg at the table. Eddie, Wang and Miao Yin can show up randomly. While waiting for Jack to show up, Egg can be reading a newspaper with an add for Gracie Law's law firm on it (with an article written by Margo as well) 

Sadly, Victor Wong is no longer with us.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A very young Viggo and Alexander eye scorning Harrison eating chicken.

(Witness, 1985 --Dir. Peter Weir)