Monday, April 4, 2011

Quick Movie Reviews: 4.4.11

Got a chance to watch two flicks over the weekend.

1. The Expendables

A decent time with some great action scenes, but unfortunately not that great of a film. Script could have used some serious polish and it probably would have been a much better film. But for going back to the basics of "lots of gun fights and ass kicking," the film works. RED managed to pull off the "old guy" action film a bit better. Terry Crews (who should have been given more screen time) stole every scene he was in.

2. The Green Hornet

I did not understand the hate and bad reviews this got. Mrs. JAMG and I had a great time with it. Was Seth Rogen nothing but Seth Rogen? Sure, but it did not really distract from the film at all. Jay Chou turns out an amazing role as Kato and manages to shine throughout. The car was cool (as it should be) and the bad guy (Chrisoph Waltz) was just the right amount of over the top but still subdued. I felt Micheal Gondry did an amazing job offering us a deconstructed look at the super hero genre.