Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is the sole reason why I have no desire to see the upcoming Star Trek film.

1. It is not because they are making it a prequel, but using "time travel" as an excuse to ignore continuity.
2. It is not because they build the Enterprise on the Earth
3. It is not because they seem to not care about the core fan base of "trekkers" and fail to realize that outside of that not too many people care about or can get past the stigmata that Star Trek carries.
4. It is not even because they are wasting the opportunity on a re-imagination of the original series when they had a chance to make something totally new and interesting.
5. It is not even that I consider JJ Abrahms a hack who got lucky once and has turned out nothing but crap since. (for the record, past the initial concept and pilot episode...he has NOTHING to do with Lost)

Not for any of that. It is because of this right here.

See that? Thats the Enterprise (and later Starfleet) insignia repeated all over the material of the uniform. Yes, they all have this.

For that level of cheesiness alone I have no desire to see this.

Apollogies if you are seeing this twice LJ friends.

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