Sunday, July 26, 2009

The last four days have been a wonderful blur. A one night visit by one of my most awesomest friends (the Unstoppable force known as Hudson) turned into a four day visit. This extra visit allowed me to share some awesome entertainment.

1. Green Lantern: First Flight

DC comics lately has been doing some direct to video, PG13ish rated comic book animated movies. This new outing has continued the excellence. If you are familiar at all with the tale of the Green Lantern (and espcially Hal Jordan) then nothing here will be new, but it will be very well presented and is a great ride. I will let the trailer speak for the rest of this.

Green Lantern has always been to me the ultimate blend of Comic Book hero and Sci Fi world. Green Lantern: First Flight is a great tale and I hope that DC actually continues with more stories in this world.

2. Time Crimes (Los Cronocrímenes)

We here at Just Another Movie Geek headquarters are huge fans of time travel. As much as Quantum Mechanics sometimes gives me a headache, I thoroughly enjoy the discussions Dr. Mrs J.A.M.G. and I have afterwards. So it seemed appropriate that I choose a time travel movie to open up Akbar Cinemas.

This is one of those time travel movies that really just has to be experienced. In fact, I don't even recommend checking out the trailers (since they give way too much away) and just check it out. I would put it on par with 12 Monkeys but with a European slant to it's story. Warning: Some of the crowd last night thought it was a slight bit too suspense/thriller so keep that in mind.

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