Friday, January 29, 2010

call me one to commit Anime Sacrilege...

..but I have an interesting idea.

Remake the original Super Dimensional Macross.

Don't get me wrong, I love the original Macross. From its humble dubbed roots as the first chapter of Robotech, to the original Japanese versions deep and compelling story. This anime is a cornerstone of my love of animated works from Japan. However the original run looks a bit worn at this point in time. There was even one studio who worked on it who did some rather shoddy work. This master piece needs a facelift.

But I do not really want to see it just remade* ... just reanimate it.

Use all of the original sound fx, voices, story and script. Just update it to the same animation level Macross Zero was done at and you would have a winner. However, I do not want just a frame for frame remake. At least not entirely.

You could do the following and still keep the original feel:

-Flesh out many static scenes.
-Make life on the Macross even more believeable.
-Make the battle scenes even more impressive (you could even cheat a little with new animation on many of the unfortunate re-used scenes)
-Erase Minmei entirely! (just kidding..I actually like her)

Its a dream for sure, but I for one think it would be beautiful.

*I know Hollywood keeps banging around the idea of live action Macross. Even with the CGI beauty of Avatar, I don't feel the world of Macross can be condensed so easily. Yes, I do know Macross DYRL did kind of what I am asking for, but I don't care for the changes to the story it made nor do I enjoy that it has been retconned into continuity.

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