Sunday, May 9, 2010

Iron Man 2

Jon Favreau and team deliver a worthy sequel to one of my favorite modern super hero film

A great visual treat and an enjoyable story I highly recommend it especially if you liked the first one.

A few direct thoughts and potential spoilers down below.

-Don Cheadle as Lt. Col Rhodes. Don't get me wrong, I love Don Cheadle and I have never understood the details on why Terrance Howard left but Don didn't really do that much for me here. If there is a third and he's back, I am hoping the role is a little beefier.

-RDJ continues to shine.

-For the first time ever, Scarlett Johanssen didn't bore the crap out of me.

-Oh and Micheal Bay...The final suit battle at the end? THAT is how you do big robot battle action.

-John Favreau? I again applaud your work. Thank you for being a director who understands his source material properly. (and I loved your beefed up role..I always love you just as much in front of the lens)

Final rating:
On a comparative scale of modern Super Hero sequel films:
In second place behind Spiderman 2 and just beating out The Dark Knight*

On its own.. a great fun film.

*I know..sacrilege from a hardcore Bat-fan like me right? Guess I should someday back up that rating.

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