Sunday, May 9, 2010

Iron Man 2

Jon Favreau and team deliver a worthy sequel to one of my favorite modern super hero film

A great visual treat and an enjoyable story I highly recommend it especially if you liked the first one.

A few direct thoughts and potential spoilers down below.

-Don Cheadle as Lt. Col Rhodes. Don't get me wrong, I love Don Cheadle and I have never understood the details on why Terrance Howard left but Don didn't really do that much for me here. If there is a third and he's back, I am hoping the role is a little beefier.

-RDJ continues to shine.

-For the first time ever, Scarlett Johanssen didn't bore the crap out of me.

-Oh and Micheal Bay...The final suit battle at the end? THAT is how you do big robot battle action.

-John Favreau? I again applaud your work. Thank you for being a director who understands his source material properly. (and I loved your beefed up role..I always love you just as much in front of the lens)

Final rating:
On a comparative scale of modern Super Hero sequel films:
In second place behind Spiderman 2 and just beating out The Dark Knight*

On its own.. a great fun film.

*I know..sacrilege from a hardcore Bat-fan like me right? Guess I should someday back up that rating.

The Return of JAMG...a review of NInja Assassin

Ninja Assassin.

It's a ninja flick. Not much more you need to know about it than that. It's a bit bloody but it's over the top. As a saturday night actioner, you can't go wrong.

Rain (the Korean pop sensation) played a decent ninja fighting back against the evilness of the clan he grew up in. Having previously enjoyed his appearance in Speed Racer, I was happy to see him get lead role and hope he gets more opportunities in film.

Thanking the master movie reviewer Joe Bob Briggs, I would like to return to the "INSERT TYPE HERE-Fu" classification system.


-Blind Fold-Fu


-Burning Dojo-Fu


Other great points of interest:

Ninja Hidey-Holes
1000 Shuriken Barrages
Telepathic Heart beat Mutual Masturbation (don't ask)
Best advice: When you come home to find two ninjas fighting in your living

And on a unrelated note, in this film we got to enjoy the presence of the British actor Ben Miles.

Best known here in Just Another Movie Geek headquarters as Patrick Maitland, the Well Endowed, Tory Voting, Loveable Sexist Pig from Coupling. His character as a flirt and "player" is a trait that seems to be carrying over to other roles. In both this film and his small role in Speed Racer, certain "Patrick-isms" have come through. Conscious decision on behalf of the actor or production, I can't say..but I can only offer this hypothesis:

Patrick will always be Patrick