Saturday, November 10, 2012

My fractal view upon Skyfall

Slightly Spoilerish review of Skyfall

Skyfall to me was a wonderful third chapter to the beautifully rebooted Bond universe. The last three films have built this new powerful origin into the true Bond we know and love. What we have seen now is the final cut to the diamond to jeweled perfection.

The classic nods were wonderful (spoiler-ish: the license plate on the DB-5 is the same as Connery's) and the villain was a true bondian treat. The final cap to the diamond was the end for me. Using that location just makes the whole concept come full circle to where we were back to Dr. No, in kind of a fractal sense of the greater Bond mythos.

Mendes was an interesting choice to me at first but I found his style to be the perfect story telling for this chapter. There were a few scenes (while neccesary for the plot flow of the film) that strained credibility but as we are nearing perfection in the previous rough diamond of Daniel Craig Bond, I was able to over look them.

Some may still not fully like Craig as Bond but to me he has more than proved himself. His brute force from before has been finely honed into a strong forced Bond. He is ready for more and I hope the next film lives up to more true Bondian Lore as we got in Skyfall.

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