Thursday, November 20, 2008

On soundtracks and album art

My musical tastes recently have regressed 18 years. In the summer of my 15th year on this spinning rock I listened exclusively to movie scores and soundtracks. I always enjoyed experiencing films I loved on a separate level, enjoying the reminded visuals in my head based off of the music and even having a whole new experience with just the music. All I currently listen to (while working at my job, working out, working in the yard, working in my shop, cleaning the house, etc...) are once again movie scores. Old favorites, new acquisitions and sometimes even scores to films I haven't seen yet (more on this later) all come into play.

My collection has become quite extensive recently and I have gone through the process of tagging and organizing the files I play with data and of course album art.

While doing so, I noticed something rather interesting. I can't say for sure this was intentional, but it is a rather fascinating little thing. Each album seems to carry a connection with each film and a overall theme to the series.

I give you, the album art for each soundtrack to the films of the Jason Bourne series.

1. The Bourne Identity

Jason is on the run, and has no idea who he truly is or his full potential. The art shows us Jason from a distance and not fully confident of himself. With the cross hairs over him we are to feel that he is the prey.

2. The Bourne Supremacy

Jason has taking charge of his new life but the organization still wants him dead. Here he must take command to regain himself. This shot shows us a little closer to Jason (with a close up of him and a sniper rifle showing us he is no longer the prey) but still a distance to his character

3. The Bourne Ultimatum

Jason has been backed into a corner finally and reacts the only way he can. This shot, showing us an extreme close up of Jason emerging from the shadows conveys a foreboding feeling that in any dark place he can lurk ready to take you out.

Again, if this was intentional...bravo! Even if it wasn't, it does give us a unique extra experience to bring the whole thing together more.

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