Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why does this thing piss me off so much?

While seeing the new James Bond last week, I had the displeasure of seeing the trailer for the upcoming JJ Abrams "pre-quel" Star Trek.

see the trailer here (please pardon the ad at the bottom):

I have long held a certain amount of disdain for this thing but I did have a small amount of open mindedness towards it. However after seeing the trailer, my fears seem to be taking root. But in the end, I probably wont see it (I can't stand JJ as a director, Paramount hasn't been able to do anything good with the franchise in a long time) so it shouldn't affect me this much.

But good lord does it piss me off!

My reasons for being pissed:

-Canon. If you are going to call this thing a pre-quel and not a reboot, you shouldn't be ignoring the VOLUMES of information already out there. Let alone the fact that everyone from the crew seems to be there from the beginning, kinda defeats the concept on many levels. Honestly, if they would just come out and say this is a reboot of the franchise I wouldn't be even making this post.

-Plot. Spoiler alert. Apparently Older Spock (yes, they pulled Leonard Nimoy out of retirement for this, yet couldn;t find room for even a cameo for Shatner) travels BACK IN TIME to stop an attack on younger Kirk. Seriously, time travel? Again?

-Who is this movie made for? JJ says this movie is not for fans of Trek, but for fans of movies. Sorry JJ, that doesn't fly. You can't get regular people excited about Star Trek without people thinking about the last 40 years of Star Trek. And Paramount, what are you thinking? Look at your declining ticket numbers for each Trek film. The last one to make the largest amount of money was Star Trek the Motion Picture back in 1979...AND THAT WAS THE FIRST ONE!

-All in all, I think it is this one thing that pisses me off the most.

That is the Enterprise being built....ON EARTH! Someone want to explain how a ship that is designed for space flight, who's design would be ripped apart fleeing a gravity well, can be built on earth?

So all in all, I can't explain my anger over this. Like I said, I have no desire to see it (even if my wife's cousin is in it) but it just rubs me the wrong way.

My prediction, decent opening weekend with falling numbers each week after.

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