Friday, November 27, 2009

New Addition to the Theatre

My home theater is an ever evolving process. Each new step and addition to the overall room adds more levels of awesomeness to my entertainment space. The latest addition is not so much to enhance films but to enhance the room when in between, before and after them. When we don't want to bring up the full house lights, but want to be able to see more than the low level theater light.

I give you, the new light.

This is mounted on the west wall of the theatre between the slider and window.

Here are a couple of close ups of the cool light patterns.

And here is what it looks like in regular light.

This is only v 1.0 of this light. I plan on tweaking it up a bit for better light direction. But overall a success!

Technical specs:
3/4" re-claimed cedar siding cut to 4" x 32" that is french cleated to the wall
Lights: 50 strand blue LED xmas lights mounted on pegs at each end
Cover: 1/8" frosted plastic sheet

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