Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tron double post.

Since Dr. Mrs Just Another Movie Geek I and saw Tron Legacy today, we decided to revisit the original again last night. I must say, Disney's pulling of it off the shelves in fear that it would hurt the new films chances are ridiculous. The film holds up amazingly well and still looks great. As I am sure has been discussed before, we found the parallels between Flynn and Jesus (the user/God who walks the earth) and Tron and John the Baptist to be very interesting.

I will let the film speak for itself with some cool shots:

If I ever worked in this Cube Farm, I would be so very sad for my life:

Something I never noticed before, Alan is a "Day the Earth Stood Still" fan (look at yellow banner on left wall of cube):

"Mine is an evil stare"

And some Frame within the Frame shots:

Tron Legacy:

I would like to thank everyone who had a hand in making Tron Legacy. That was truly a great early christmas present for my eyes, ears and brain. A rare occurrence of a sequel that actually felt like a natural evolution from the first. The film (while treading in very similar waters) managed to become its own creation. Homages a plenty were throughout the film and brought many a smile to my face. The amazing soundtrack (provided by the ever wonderful Daft Punk) also did not betray its evolutionary roots from Wendy Carlos' ground breaking original score. This film was clearly a love letter to the original and to the fans. Just Another Movie Geek highly recommends.

-Smallish Spoiler: I can think of no better actor than Cillian Murphy to appear as David "the bad guy in the first one" Warner's son. I was quite surprised by that cameo.

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