Thursday, June 30, 2011

Space Battleship Yamoto

Finally got a chance to see this. I will freely admit my knowledge of the original is rather limited. Starblazers was on before I watched toons as a kid so I never got to actually see it. I have seen random bits of it here and there and have a decent grasp of the story. So with that in mind, I must say they did a great job with this film.

Story wise is what you would expect out of the show. A few logic jumps did occur but (they managed to pump a 26 episode tv show into a 2 hour 18 minute movie) none to jarring to interrupter the flow. Visually the fx are top notch (amazingly done on a 22 million dollar budget) with some amazing battle sequences.

They definitely went to the Galactica playbook for this film. From the utilitarian look of the ship interiors to the helmets and flight suits this film borrowed heavily but still managed to maintain a Japanese esthetic and stay close to it's anime roots.

Fans of the show and fans of a rolling space adventure should check it out.

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