Friday, February 13, 2009

32-44 of the 98 movies I think everyone should see

Hell in the Pacific

An early film from John Boorman (before he made you squeel like a pig) that gives us the powerhouses (powerhousii?) of Lee Marvin and ToshirĂ´ Mifune in a WWII film in the pacific. We see the story of an American pilot and a marooned Japanese navy captain are deserted on a small uninhabited island. There, they must cease their hostility and cooperate if they want to survive. Unfortunately the film suffers from a weak ending but the performance of Lee and ToshirĂ´ are well worth it.


Another wuxia film to add to the list. Plot is a little weak (and can be construed to be very Patriotic Communist China) but the visuals are a treat. The use of color in each scene are beautiful. Deserves to be considered in the "motion picture as painting" category.

Hot Fuzz

A truly unique spoof yet homage to the buddy cop film. If you enjoy buddy cop films or british humor, then please view this great film.

The Incredibles

Later on we will be discussing 3 other superhero films but this one takes top prize as the most perfect superhero film ever. Plus it's the only Pixar film with a body count. (seriously, alot of henchmen die in this film and it is vastly ignored)

Johnny Dangerously

Another spoof film this time lambasting gangsters. Micheal Keaton once again shows us that he is a wonderful comedic actor.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

This one came out of left field and surprised the crap out of me at how good it was. Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. together in this dark comedy modern noir mystery film.

L.A. Story

Back when Steve Martin was funny. Now I just am very sad when i see him come out with something. A bit dated now, but still very representative of the weirdness that is LA.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

My favorite anime. This is the film I always use if I even need to introduce someone to the world of anime (and especially to those who think it is all pokemon and hentai)

40. 41. 42.
I now present three films to which I consider to be the quintessential British gangster films.

Lock, Stock, and two Smoking Barrels

This film ressurected a once thought dead genre and gave it a unique twist. Guy Ritchie has yet to show he can do much else different than this but this film is a definite shining gem.

Layer Cake

Originally Guy Ritchie was going to handle this one as well, but his producer decided to step up and direct it. An excellet plot with some great twists. This role alone is what convinced the Bond people that Daniel Craig was the only man to fill 007's shoes.

Get Carter

A very raw and at times very representitive of the early 70's this film is amazing. Michael Caine as the shotgun wielding anti hero out to avenge his brothers murder. Yes, Michael Caine as a not good guy. It's amazing.

Logan's Run

RENEW! RENEW! RENEW! A decent little scifi flick. A future idyllic society where pleasure is your only purpose. Only one catch, you can't live past 30. Considered a bit cheesy by todays standards, it was pretty awesome when it came out. SEXIST PIG NOTE: It's also got Jenny Agutter naked in it which is always a good thing.

Master Of The Flying Guillotine

If you like martial arts films and want to see the pinnacle of the martial arts films in the 70s, this is the film to see. The bad guy has this basket like device on a rope that he throws onto your head. He then pulls back on the rope, blades come out and slice off your head. The good guy is a one armed chinese boxer. Thats pretty much all you need to know. See it.

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