Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not only do I love movies, I also love scores and soundtracks to the films I love. Here is a complete list of every soundtrack I own listed by composer and then in chronological order:

Akihiko Matsumoto
2002-The Returner

Alan Silvestri
1984-Romancing the Stone
1985-Back to the Future
1986-Flight Of The Navigator
1987-Predator Soundtrack
1988-Who Framed Roger Rabbit
1989-Back to the Future Part II
1989-The Abyss
1990-Back To The Future III
1995-Judge Dredd
1997-Contact-Complete Score

Alex North
1969-2001-The Legendary Original Score

Alexandre Desplat
2008-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Andrew Powell

Angelo Badalamenti
1995-The City of Lost Children

Arthur B. Rubinstein
1983-Blue Thunder

Basil Poledouris
1982-Conan The Barbarian
1989-Farewell To The King
1990-Quigley Down Under
1990-The Hunt for Red October

Bear McCreary
2005-Battlestar Galactica S1
2006-Battlestar Galactica S2
2007-Battlestar Galactica S3

Ben Foster & Murray Gold

Bill Conti
1981-For Your Eyes Only
1999-The Thomas Crown Affair

Brad Fiedel
1984-The Terminator
1991-Terminator 2 Judgement Day
1994-True Lies

Brian May
1980-Mad Max
1981-The Road Warrior-Mad Max 2

Brian Tyler
2003-Children Of Dune

Bruce Broughton

Carl Zittrer & Paul Zaza
1983-A Christmas Story

Carter Burwell
1990-Miller's Crossing
1999-Mystery, Alaska

Chan Kwong Wing
2002-Wu Jian Dao

Chris Boardman

Christopher Franke
1994-Babylon 5-Vol.1-Signs And Portents
1995-Babylon 5-Vol. 2 Messages From Earth
1996-Babylon 5-310-Severed Dreams
1996-Babylon 5-313-Late Delivery from Avalon
1996-Babylon 5-315-Interludes And Examinations
1996-Babylon 5-316-War Without End Part 1
1996-Babylon 5-317-War Without End Part 2
1996-Babylon 5-321-Shadow Dancing
1996-Babylon 5-322-Z'ha Dum
1996-Babylon 5-402-Whatever Happened To Mr. Garibaldi
1996-Babylon 5-404-Falling Towards Apotheosis
1996-Tenchi Muyo! The Movie:Tenchi Muyo! in Love
1997-Babylon 5-405-The Long Night
1997-Babylon 5-406- Into The Fire
1997-Babylon 5-409.5-Thirdspace
1997-Babylon 5-411-Lines Of Communication
1997-Babylon 5-415-No Surrender, No Retreat
1997-Babylon 5-417-The Face of the Enemy
1997-Babylon 5-420-Endgame
1998-Babylon 5 In The Beginning
1998-Babylon 5-522-Objects at Rest
1998-Babylon 5-523-Sleeping In Light

Clint Mansell
2000-Requiem For A Dream
2006-The Fountain

Craig Safan
1984-The Last Starfighter (Extended Version)
1985-Remo Williams The Adventure Begins

Danny Elfman
1986-Back to School
1988-Midnight Run
2002-Spider Man

David Arnold
1994-Stargate The Deluxe Edition
1997-Tomorrow Never Dies
2006-Casino Royale
2008-Quantum Of Solace

David Julyan
2006-The Prestige

David Newman
1996-The Phantom
1999-Galaxy Quest

David Shire
1986-Short Circuit

David Whitaker
1982-The Sword And The Sorcerer

Edward Shearmur
2004-Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow

Elliot Goldenthal
1993-Demolition Man

Elmer Bernstein
1971-Big Jake

Ennio Morricone
1966-Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo
1969-Once Upon A Time In The West
1986-The Mission
1987-Secret of the Sahara
1998-La Leggenda Del Pianista Sull' Oceano

Eric Serra
1998-The Fifth Element

Erich Wolfgang Korngold
1936-Captain Blood (limited album)
1938-The Adventures Of Robin Hood

Geinoh Yamashirogumi

George Fenton
2002-The Blue Planet
2007-Planet Earth

George Martin
1973-Live and Let Die

Graeme Revell
1994-The Crow
1997-The Saint
2000-Pitch Black

Greg Edmonson

Guy Gross
2000-Farscape Classics Volume 1
2000-Farscape Classics Volume 2
2000-Farscape Classics Volume 3
2004-Farscape The Peacekeeper Wars

Hajime Mizoguchi

Hans Zimmer
1995-Crimson Tide

Harry Gregson-Williams
2005-Kingdom of Heaven

Howard Shore
2001-LOTR-The Fellowship of the Ring-The Complete Recordings
2002-LOTR-The Two Towers-The Complete Recordings
2003-LOTR-The Return of the King-The Complete Recordings

Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra
1967-The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Ike Yoshihiro

Ilan Eshkeri

J. Peter Robinson
1985-Police Story

Jack Nitzsche

James Horner
1982-Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan Expanded Score (SFX)
1982-Star Trek II-The Wrath of Khan
1984-Star Trek III The Search For Spock Expanded Score (SFX)
1989-Field Of Dreams
1989-Glory-Expanded Score
1991-The Rocketeer OST

James Newton Howard
1993-The Fugitive
1999-The Sixth Sense
2005-Batman Begins
2005-Batman Begins Expanded Score
2008-The Dark Knight

Javier Navarrete
2006-El Labertino del Fauno

Jeff Beal
2007-Music From The HBO Series Rome

Jerry Goldsmith
1975-The Wind and the Lion
1976-Logan's Run
1979-Star Trek I Bonus Tracks
1979-Star Trek I Expanded Score
1979-Star Trek I The Motion Picture
1982-Secret of Nimh
1985-King Solomon's Mines
1990-Total Recall
1992-Mr. Baseball
1994-The Shadow
2001-The Last Castle

Joe Boyd Vigil
2001-Toonami: Deep Space Bass

Joe Hisaishi
1983-Genesis Climber Mospeada
1986-Laputa-Castle in the Sky
1987-Robot Carnival

Joel Goldsmith
1997-Stargate SG-1-Children of the Gods
1997-Stargate SG-1-Season One
2005-Stargate Atlantis-Rising
2008-Stargate SG-1-Continuum
2008-Stargate SG-1-The Ark of Truth

John Barry
1963-From Russia With Love
1969-On Her Majesty's Secret Service
1974-The Man With The Golden Gun OST
1979-The Black Hole
1979-The Black Hole-Expanded Score
1987-The Living Daylights (Deluxe Edition)
1990-Dances With Wolves-Expanded Score

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth
1988-They Live-20th Anniversary Edition
1986-Big Trouble In Little China

John Carpenter
1981-Escape from New York-OST

John Corigliano
1998-The Red Violin

John Debney
1995-Cutthroat Island
1996-Doctor Who The Movie

John Morris
1974-Blazing Saddles

John Murphy
2007-Sunshine (Private Bootleg)
2007-Sunshine (SFX)

John Ottman
2005-Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

John Powell
2002-The Bourne Identity
2004-The Bourne Supremacy
2007-The Bourne Ultimatum

John Scott
1980-The Final Countdown

John Williams
1977-Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
1977-Close Encounters Of The Third Kind-Collector's Edition
1977-Star Wars
1977-Star Wars SE
1980-Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back SE
1981-Raiders of the Lost Ark-Complete Score
1981-Raiders of the Lost Ark-Expanded Score
1983-Return of the Jedi
1983-Star Wars-Return of the Jedi SE
1984-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-Complete Score
1984-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-Expanded Score
1987-Empire of the Sun
1993-Jurassic Park

Joseph Koo
1986-A Better Tomorrow I-II

Kasamatsu Kouji

Kawai Kenji
1995-Ghost in the Shell
2008-Sound Of The Sky Crawlers

Kelly Bailey

Kenji Kawai
2005-Seven Swords

Kenji Yamamoto
2003-Metroid Prime
2005-Metroid Prime 2 Echoes
2007-Metroid Prime 3 Corruption

Kevin Kilner
1999-Wing Commander

Kim Won Il
2004-Wonderful Days

Klaus Badelt
2003-Pirates of the Caribbean Complete Score (SFX)
2003-Pirates of the Caribbean-The Curse of the Black Pearl

1995-The Hunted

Kou Ohtani
1995-Gundam W Operation 1
1995-Gundam W Operation 2

Kristopher Carter
2000-Batman Beyond Return of the Joker

Kugimiya Rie

Kuniaki Haishima
2004-Macross Zero OST
2004-Macross Zero Ost 2

Lalo Schifrin
1971-THX 1138

Lee Jae Jin
2003-Natural City

Lisa Gerrard

Marc Shaiman
1991-City Slickers

Marco Beltrami
2007-310 to Yuma

Mark Isham
1991-Point Break

Marvin Hamlisch
1977-The Spy Who Loved Me

Maurice Jarre
1985-Enemy Mine
1990-Jacob's Ladder

Michael Boddicker
1984-The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Michael Convertino
1987-The Hidden

Michael Giacchino
2004-The Incredibles
2005-Lost Season 1
2006-Lost Season 2
2008-Lost Season 3
2008-Speed Racer

Michael Gibbs

Michael Kamen & Orbital
1997-Event Horizon

Michael Kamen
1988-Die Hard
1989-Licence To Kill
1991-Hudson Hawk
1993-The Three Musketeers
1999-The Iron Giant

Michael Land
1996-The Dig
1996-The Dig Expanded Score

Michael Nyman

Micheal Land
1997-Curse Of Monkey Island

Michio Mamiya
1988-Hotaru no Haka-Grave of the Fireflies

Murray Gold
2007-Doctor Who Series 1-2
2007-Doctor Who Series 1-Expanded Score
2008-Doctor Who Series 3
2008-Doctor Who Series 4

Nakaido Reichi
1998-Serial Experiments Lain
1998-lain Bootleg
1999-lain Bootleg Vol 2

Nick Glennie-Smith
1996-The Rock

Patrick Doyle
1989-Henry V

Peter Gabriel
1989-Passion Outtakes

Peter McConnell
1998-Grim Fandango

Philip Glass
2006-Roving Mars
2006-The Illusionist

1980-Flash Gordon

Ramin Djawadi
2008-Iron Man

Randy Edelman

Raymond Wong
2001-Shaolin Soccer
2005-Kung Fu Hustle

Richard Gibbs
2004-Battlestar Galactica Mini Series

Richard Marvin

Richard Rodgers
1952-Victory at Sea

Roger Bellon
1992-Highlander The Series
1992-Highlander The Series Volume II

Roy Budd
1971-Get Carter
1974-The Black Windmill

Shirley Walker
1989-Black Rain
1990-The Flash
1992-Memoirs of an Invisible Man
1993-Batman-Mask of the Phantasm

Shiro Sagisu
Our Last Day-Casshern OST D2

Stephen Fry
2005-The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (SLATFATF song and DVD Rip of Guide entries only)

Steve Jablonsky

Stu Phillips
1978-The Stu Phillips Anthology Battlestar Galactica
1979-Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Susumu Hirasawa
2005-Paranoia Agent

Tan Dun

Tangerine Dream
1985-Legend (SFX)
1987-Three O'Clock High

Taro Iwashiro
2008-Red Cliff

The Thrill
2000-Blue Submarine No6 OST1
2000-Blue Submarine No6 OST2

Thomas Newman
1994-The Shawshank Redemption

Tomoyasu Hotei
1998-Samurai Fiction

Toshihiko Sahashi
2001-The Big-O Sound Score
2003-The Big-O Sound Score II

1984-Dune-Complete Score

Trevor Jones
1982-The Dark Crystal
1992-Last Of The Mohicans
1998-Dark City
1998-Dark City Complete Score
2001-From Hell

Trevor Rabin & Harry Gregson-Williams
1998-Enemy Of The State

Tsuneo Imahori
1997-Trigun OST1-The First Donuts
1998-Trigun OST2-The Second Donuts Happy Pack
2001-Trigun OST3-Trigun Spicy Stewed Donut

Tuomas Kantelinen

Tyler Bates

VA-1969-Paint Your Wagon
VA-1979-The Muppet Movie
VA-1981-The Music of Cosmos
VA-1982-Blade Runner The Audio Cut
VA-1982-Los Angeles-November 2019
VA-1983-Southern Cross
VA-1984-The Neverending Story
VA-1985-Real Genius
VA-1986-Little Shop of Horrors
VA-1993-Quantum Leap
VA-1995-12 Monkees
VA-1995-Casshern Themes
VA-1996-due South Volume 1
VA-1997-due South Volume 2
VA-1998-Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
VA-1999-Batman Beyond
VA-1999-Cowboy Bebop Remixes-Music For Freelance
VA-2001-Morricone RMX 2001
VA-2001-Ocean's Eleven
VA-2002-For a Few Guitars More
VA-2002-The Best of Bond
VA-2003-Ennio Morricone Remixes Vol 1
VA-2003-Master And Commander The Far Side Of The World
VA-2003-Serial Experiments Lain Cyberia Mix
VA-2004-Ennio Morricone Remixes Vol 2
VA-2004-Last Exile OST 1
VA-2004-Last Exile OST 2
VA-2004-Layer Cake
VA-2004-Our Last Day-Casshern OST D1
VA-2004-Samurai Champloo
VA-2005-Danny the Dog
VA-2005-Reefer Madness The Musical
VA-2005-Sin City
VA-2006-Arrested Development
VA-2006-Black Lagoon
VA-2006-Children of Men
VA-2007-Appleseed Ex Machina
VA-2007-Hot Fuzz
VA-2007-Life on Mars
VA-2008-Ashes To Ashes

1982-Blade Runner Gongo Edition
1982-Blade Runner Trilogy
1982-Blade Runner-Deck Definitive Edition
1982-Blade Runner-Esper Edition
1982-Blade Runner-MR3 Alternates Edition
1982-Blade Runner-Off World Music Edition
1984-The Bounty

Victor Young
1952-The Quiet Man

Wai Lap Wu
1994-Drunken Master II

Wendy Carlos

Yoko Kanno
1994-Macross Plus OST
Macross Plus OST 2
Macross Plus OST-For Fans Only
The Cream P.U.F
Cowboy Bebop OST 1
Cowboy Bebop OST 2-No Disc
Cowboy Bebop OST 3-BLUE
Cowboy Bebop OST-Vitaminless
Ask DNA (single)
CowBoy Bebop OST-Future Blues

Youichirou Yoshikawa
1994-Iria Zeiram

Yuji Ohno
1979-Castle of Cagliostro

Yuki Kajiura