Wednesday, February 11, 2009

11-21 of the 98 movies I think everyone should see

Captain Blood

My first ever pirate movie. Simply one of the best pirate films (and especially for when it was made) and an awesome 1st time performance of Errol Flynn. Without this film, Johnny Depp would have never swaggered his way across a ships deck. 16.
You didn't think I could do this list without a little Bond did you? With 22 Bond films* out there it can be hard to navigate which ones are the best and worthy of a viewing. Luckily I have already listed this out! Click the titles for each to be taken to each entry for my previous series "the only 5 Bond films you need to see"

Casino Royale


On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The Living Daylights

For Your Eyes Only

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

I have been a fan of martial arts films for years and the Wuxia style has always managed to be flashy and entertaining. While I usually prefer a more realistic martial arts film, a little wire work and fantasy can go a long way to being entertaining. CTHD managed to open the eyes of many U.S. viewers of this magnificent art form. Ang Lee managed to turn a decent story into a visual masterpiece. Also allowing more of the world to bask in the bad-assery of Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh is always a good thing to me.

Dark City

A great little scifi tale. I am always a big fan of the "thrust a man/woman into a world where they appear to be pivotal but they have no idea what is going on" genre. This film manages to wrap that often used concept into a facsinating sci fi world. Excellent performances from all involved round out this almost unique film.**

Die Hard

The perfect action film. Nothing has ever come close to beating it's perfection in the world of action. Great concept, great execution, some great one-liners and some massive property damage. And to think, the studio almost didn't want to go ahead with it since they didn't feel that Bruce Willis could carry a big actioner. Glad they took the gamble on that. For a timeless factor, just try to overlook the bits of the film that date it.

Donnie Darko

While I still go back and forth on whether I find this film to be actually valuable***, I do have to admit I was blown away by it the first time I saw it. I knew next to nothing about it but was told by many that it was great so the misses and I gave it a gander. I figured at least we got to see Drew Barrymore so it can't be all that bad. After watching we stayed up til about 3 am discussing it. It's rare that a film can make us talk that much about it.

Blade Runner

Oh Blade Runner. How I love thee. If you know me, you know how much I love this film. If you don't know me, just accept that I consider it one of the best films ever made. Even as flawed as it is at technical points (seriously, they reused the same outdoor set SOOOOO much in that film. You would swear that every corner has a Dragon Noodle bar and those fat scrolly columns that the Bradbury does) it still mangaes to be a epic film. However to me, the original theatircal cut (with the beautiful voice over) is the only version. The others are ok, but take away the heart of the film.

*We do not speak of Never Say Never Again as a Bond film.

**That will be a discussion for another time

***Another discussion for the future. Just remember, Quantum Mechanics gives me a headache

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